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What to Expect

What is Expected of You

  • Be prepared with the needed materials.
  • Have attempted the problem.
  • Be respectful of other people in the tutoring areas.
  • Please do not be disruptive as there are other students working.
    • No cell phone conversations are allowed in the tutoring areas.
    • No food or drink (other than water in covered bottles) is allowed in the tutoring areas.

Tutors are not permitted and will not:

  • Complete your assignments
  • Grade your assignments
  • Assist with exams or quizzes

What You Can Expect

  • Drop-in tutoring service
  • Guaranteed 60 minute tutoring session
    • more if no one is waiting and the tutor is available.
  • Required breaks in the tutoring process if a session runs over 90 minutes.

To see more information about specific tutoring availability,  click the tutor’s name below or search by course in the search box.  All tutors are NMSU undergraduate students who have taken the courses they tutor at NMSU and earned an A or B.

Tutoring Schedule

Note: Tutoring services will be available starting Sunday, January 27, 2019.