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NMSU-O Courses Offered

Area I – Communication                                       

ENGL 1110G – Composition I

ENGL 1110H – Composition I Honors

ENGL 2210G – Professional & Technical Communication

ENGL 2221G – Writing in the Humanities and Social Science

COMM 1115G – Introduction to Communication

COMM 1130G – Public Speaking


Area II – Mathematics

MATH 1130G – Survey of Mathematics

MATH 1215 – Intermediate Algebra

MATH 1220G – College Algebra

MATH 1350G – Introduction to Statistics

MATH 1430G – Applications of Calculus I


Area III – Science

ASTR 1115G – Introduction to Astronomy (w/lab)

BIOL 1130G – Introduction to Anatomy & physiology (non-majors)

CHEM 1120G – Introduction to Chemistry (w/lab) (non-majors)


Area IV – Social and Behavioral Science

ECON 2110G – Macroeconomic Principles

ECON 2120G – Microeconomic Principles

PSYC 1110G – Introduction to Psychology

SOCI 1110G – Introduction to Sociology

CEPY 1120G – Human Growth and Development

CJUS 1110G – Introduction to Criminal Justice


Area V – Humanities

ENGL 1410G – Introduction to Literature

PHIL 1115G – Introduction to Philosophy