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Online Summer Tutor Program

Campus Tutoring Services Embedded Online Summer Tutor Program provides course content support for students enrolled in your course by having a tutor virtually present in your Canvas course. In doing so, tutors get a full understanding of the content and expectations of the course and function as a model for reinforcing successful academic strategies. Tutors provide supplemental individualized attention and assistance during class activities and facilitate student engagement in the online classroom setting. In addition, students are able to access tutors outside of class instruction via Zoom at NMSU.

CTS tutors are NMSU students who have been trained to assist students in the understanding, organizing and learning process; they are also nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Goals of the Campus Tutoring Services Embedded Online Summer Tutor Program:

  • Help students understand course content and enhance student learning
  •  Assist students by having a virtual “in-class” Tutor who also acts as a guide and models academic success strategies
  • Engage students in tutoring who may not seek this evidenced-based academic support service otherwise
  • To create a partnership between instructor and embedded tutor that increases the depth of learning during group work, one-on-one tutoring and other online classroom activities
  • To engage, retain and empower students to persist in their educational goals

If you would like to participate in the Campus Tutoring Services Embedded Online Summer Tutor Program for your upcoming summer courses, please feel free to contact me at 575-646-1342 or at Thank you.