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A Message from the Coordinator

Congratulations on choosing the Campus Tutoring Service.  We have numerous peer tutors to offer up their knowledge in their specific fields, as well as share their academic experiences and tips for succeeding with confidence.  It has been noted that tutoring can have a very positive effect on the outcomes of course grades.  Students who visit tutoring at least 3 times for one course typically fare better than those that do not seek tutoring or just attend 1-2 times.  Visit our center as much as you need.

The tutors are trained throughout the semester in tutoring techniques.  They will challenge your thinking and work with you to find the best methods of understanding.  They will never “just give you the answer” as that completely diminishes your opportunity to “learn”.   Don’t ever hesitate to seek us out for assistance.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Marci Salinas-Milam
Academic Success Center Coordinator
Office: 575-646-1342